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At Sports Chiropractic and Rehab our mission is to provide exceptional care that goes beyond simply alleviating pain. “The Difference” is our comprehensive approach to healthcare that encompasses learning, understanding, and nurturing your body to enhance your overall quality of life...

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Jonathan “JT” Taylor
Jonathan “JT” Taylor
Having Dr.Testa go through his evaluation and find imbalances that I had was extremely important to reaching my peak performance. Looking at the body as one and everything being connected, versus trying to just focus on one area has added to my long term health. Treatment at his facility is a must in my routine now and has me feeling great!
Diane Welker
Diane Welker
I was very lucky to find Dr Patel. I suffered from severe migranes for several years, which increased in frequency and intensity as time passed. I initially sought care at the Cleveland Clinic, and I was given musscle relaxers and Fioricet for pain and discomfort. After a few months, the musscle relaxers no longer helped and the migraines became more frequent. I decided to try chiropratic care to ease my suffering. Thank god I found Dr. Patel. When I first came in, my neck was like a brick and my migraines where very painfull and frequent. After just a few treatments, I began feeling much better. I am happy to say, with continued treatment, we finally have the migraines under control. Thanks you so much once again! In addition to the incredible care I get for my migrains, I was also diagnosed with Osteopenia (early Osteoperosus) Dr. Patel is still able to provide treatment that helps a great deal with my lower back, which is the area affected by the Ostepenia. Once again,I am so thankful that I found Dr. Patel.
Ryan Rogerson
Ryan Rogerson
I have been seeing Dr. Testa for 6 months now. I go every 3 weeks for an adjustment & he has really helped with my lower back / hip pain and quality of life. Clean office & reasonable pricing, highly recommend!!
Jeremy Neuman
Jeremy Neuman
Dr. Testa has helped me a ton with several lingering issues (ankle, hip, shoulder) in just a few weeks! I appreciate that instead of symptom chasing, he tries to find the root cause of imbalances to resolve them at the source.
Austin Rennich
Austin Rennich
Dr Testa is one of the best. I say that with having experience at many other chiropractors in the past. I've seen many great reviews here and I can only second and affirm all of them. If you are in the area and need to get better, this is the place and Dr Testa is your guy! Thank you!
Orlinda Garcia
Orlinda Garcia
I've been to a few chiropractors and Dr. Patel is #1 🥇 She just doesn't "crack your back" and send you on your way. She looks at the whole picture you're whole body and takes the time to examine each part, head to toe, to find what's wrong. She's helped with the muscle related part of my back pain which no one else has done. I'm willing to make an almost 45 minute drive to see her because she is worth the drive and my co-pay of $75 each time. That's a testament of how wonderful she is
Kimberly Campolattaro
Kimberly Campolattaro
I was curious about the Pulse Pro PEMF so I spoke with Dr. Testa and he invited me in to try the device. I have late stage Lymes disease. When I first arrived I was very skeptical and didn't really know if this machine would help me in any way. My symptoms are severe and I was mostly bedbound at the time of my first appointment. Dr. Testa walked me through how to use the machine and answered my many questions. I signed up for a month after that first day. I saw remarkable improvements immediately. Within three weeks my inflammation decreased, my fatigue decreased, my body aches and pains lessened and foods that caused serious side effects no longer seemed to hurt. I am no longer bedbound, have much more energy and do not need to take breaks after every task to rest. I have been able to go grocery shopping without assistance. And it's been less than a month! Dr. Testa is super knowledgeble and helpful and when he doesn't have an answer to one of my many questions, he reaches out to Pulse and gets the information for me. I am so grateful to Dr. Testa and his staff for making this machine affordable, easy to access, and for supporting me on my healing journey For the first time in 6 years I have hope of healing.
Luis Morales
Luis Morales
Well located, ample parking, amazing office (clean, modern, organized, tons of equipment), and the receptionist is super nice, attentive, and helpful. Dr. Testa is awesome, has a great sense of humor, personality and actually cares about you as a patient. He listens, makes suggestions, points out important things as to how and why this issue is happening and how to improve and make it better. He helped me tremendously today with my lower back and the sciatica pain I am currently dealing with. He isn’t pushy nor does he rush the time he is spending with you. Overall, I am very happy that my PCP recommended him and I know I am in good hands and look forward to being treated by him.

Sports Rehab

At Sports Chiropractic and Rehab, our mission is to make "The Difference" in your health and well-being. We go beyond simply treating pain and injuries to provide comprehensive care that focuses on optimizing your athletic performance and promoting a speedy recovery.

We understand the unique needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts, and our team of skilled chiropractors and rehabilitation specialists are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential. Through advanced techniques, evidence-based treatments, and state-of-the-art equipment, we strive to deliver exceptional results.

Experience the "The Difference" at Sports Chiropractic and Rehab. Let us be your trusted partner in your athletic journey, helping you overcome challenges, prevent injuries, and unlock your true potential.

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